Company news

30 september 2009

Organizational changes

30 September 2009. Following the sale of its shares INFRA S.A. is no longer a shareholder in Wiertmar Sp. z o.o. (Kopanka) and Pris Sp. z o.o. (Wrocław).

4 june 2009

INFRA is the only representative of IBG Hydro-Tech in the territory of Poland

February 2009. A meeting with representatives of IBG Hydro-Tech Germany.

1 april 2009

Cooperation with the Wielkopolska Spółka Gazownictwa

1 April 2009. Wielkopolska Spółka Gazownictwa Sp. z o.o. Oddział Zakład Gazowniczy in Poznań agreed that INFRA S.A. carries out temporarily gas hazardous works in Poznań.

20 may 2008

INFRA admitted to SIDiR

15 May 2008. INFRA S.A. became member of the Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów Doradców i Rzeczoznawców SIDiR [Polish Association of Consulting Engineers], which is a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). SIDiR is a Polish association of natural persons and private companies providing engineering consulting services including: feasibility studies and design, work supervision and management of project implementation processes.

20 may 2008

INFRA becomes member of the Polish Ecology Chamber

INFRA S.A. has been admitted to the Polish Ecology Chamber in Katowice. Pursuant to the Chamber?s charter, INFRA is involved in activities contributing to the protection of the natural environment.

20 may 2008

"Top Quality in Construction"

10 April 2008. The "Top Quality in Construction” title was awarded to INFRA S.A. The "Top Quality Manager 2008” distinction was awarded to Tomasz Latawiec, INFRA's President and board member of PBG. The award ceremony was held in Poznań in the Działyński Palace and the awards were presented by Marek Woźniak, Marshal of the Province of Wielkopolska.

20 may 2008

They stepped out of line and established a Club :)

21 April 2008. A Club of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians (PZITS) was established at INFRA S.A. in Wysogotowo at the initiative of the management board and with the consent of PZITS scientific community. This is a very interesting episode in INFRA?s history.

4 april 2008

Purchase of shares in "Wiertmar"

2 April 2008. INFRA S.A. bought 25,969 shares in "WIERTMAR" Sp. z o.o. in Kopanka n. Łódź. Two agreements were concluded and INFRA S.A. bought 25,969 shares for the total amount of PLN 4,207,774.19. The shares represent 51% of Wiertmar?s capital.

18 march 2008

Work for graduates of universities of technology

19 March 2008. INFRA, together with other companies of the PBG Capital Group, i.e. PBG SA, Hydrobudowa Polska SA, and Hydrobudowa 9, will take part in the 12th Poznań University of Technology Job Opportunity Fair, organized by the Engineer Promotion Centre, Poznań University of Technology, in cooperation with the Scholarly Club of Architecture Students.

22 december 2007

INFRA becomes a joint stock company

21 December 2007. INFRA was transformed from a limited liability company to a joint stock company. INFRA Spółka Akcyjna was entered into the Register of Companies, National Court Register ? KRS 0000295199.

13 december 2007

Integrated Management System

Following a certification audit conducted at INFRA Sp. z o.o. between 10 and 12 December 2007 by TÜV SÜD Polska Sp. z o.o. INFRA was awarded the following certificates: ISO 9001:2000 - quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 - environment management system and OHSAS 18001:1999 - occupational health and safety management system.

2 september 2007

INFRA builds its own Group

31 August 2007. INFRA, a subordinate company of PBG SA, became the owner of a majority shareholding in PRIS Sp. z o.o., Wrocław. INFRA bought 897 shares, each of the nominal value equal to PLN 100.00, for the total amount of PLN 1,630,000.00.

30 august 2007

PBG Group in Cracow

21 August 2007. PBG SA and Infra Sp. z o.o., two companies of the PBG Capital Group, and Przedsiębiorstwo Bezwykopowej Renowacji Sieci Podziemnych Sp. z o.o. Kielce, signed an agreement with the Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji SA in Cracow.

18 july 2007

Post-Diploma Studies in Cracow

The first semester of post-diploma studies in Modern Trenchless Techniques and Technologies organized by the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, University of Science and Technology in Cracow has just ended. It was completed by 20 ambitious people, who work in Szczecin and who are involved in the "Renovation of the existing sewage system in left-bank Szczecin" project.

18 july 2007

INFRA at PPL airport

4 July 2007. Although it is summer holiday time, INFRA continues to bid for and win contracts. The management board concluded a contract with the Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe "Porty Lotnicze" in Warsaw for a project "Cleaning, monitoring, refurbishment and repairs of storm water and sanitary drainage system at PPL and repair of Dn400 mm pipeline under DS.3 runway".

18 july 2007

Infra - winner of the "EKOLAUREAT" 2007 title

20 June 2007. Infra Sp. z o.o. won the "Ekolaureat 2007" title in the 6th edition of the EKOLAURY competition organized by the Polish Ecology Chamber in 2007 under the honorary patronage of Jan Szyszko, Minister of the Environment. The EKOLAUR title in the "Water and Sewage Management" category was awarded by the competition jury for the modernization of the industrial sewage system, using the BERLINA-LINER method, completed at the Zakłady Azotowe ANWIL in Włocławek.

18 july 2007

Contract signed in Gdańsk

"Expansion of the Gdańsk-Wschód waste treatment plant, stage 3 ? connection of Zaspa sewered catchment plant, jobs 1 and 3" are 13,575,083.66 euro worth projects carried out by INFRA at the Polish Coast.

18 july 2007

A 4,147,303.00 euro worth contract in Łódź

18 May 2007. INFRA Sp. z o.o. signed its largest contract ever, which should be completed at the end of November 2009. INFRA will modernize the water distribution and sewage network in Łódź.

13 october 2006


There is nothing that could surprise us after the recent events on the political arena. Despite the scandals in all the political parties their main actors say - nothing has happened. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the economy. Recently we have heard many promises, namely how easy it is going to be for all of us when we make the right choice. However, nothing has changed...

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